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Bundesamt für Naturschutz

Easy to read

Welcome to the website of the National Biodiversity Monitoring Centre.
In our texts we use a short form of the name.
We use the term Monitoring·Centre.
This text is written in easy-to-understand language.
In this text you can find out about the work and tasks of the Monitoring·Centre.
The Monitoring·Centre is located at the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation.
The Monitoring·Centre is located in Leipzig.

What are the tasks of the ational Biodiversity Monitoring Centre?

Some of the Monitoring·Centre tasks are easily explained here:

There are many studies about the state of nature.

There are also many results about the state of nature.

The results can be many numbers or reports.

These results are studied.

The results are also explained.

Many experts collect these results.

Scientists also help in this process.

Many of them work voluntarily.

A lot can be learned from the new results.

Even completely new experiences about nature.

There are many ways to check the state of nature.

Many ways are new ideas.

The Monitoring·Centre tests these new ideas.

If the ideas are good they are improved.

New plans are made from these ideas.

These plans help to check the state of nature better.

The Monitoring·Centre helps and supports the implementation of these plans.

The Monitoring·Centre distributes knowledge about the state of nature.

Many people want to know these results.

The results about the state of nature are shared.

The Monitoring·Centre distributes the results.

This helps humans to know more about nature.

We can then protect nature better.

Many experts and volunteers study nature in Germany and around the world.

Many experts work alone.

They do not know the ideas of the other experts.

The Monitoring·Centre helps these people to get to know each other.

People then talk more with each other.

They can then work together better.

They then get better results about the state of nature.

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