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Bundesamt für Naturschutz

Head office

The dedicated team at the National Biodiversity Monitoring Centre head office coordinates the Centre's activities. We are driven by a common motivation: to bring together people, data and knowledge to conserve biodiversity.

Team and tasks

During a three-year establishment phase, a dedicated team with diverse backgrounds and experience built up the Monitoring Centre and its associated structures. Located as an independent unit within the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN) in Leipzig, Germany, the Centre serves as a central hub for nationwide biodiversity monitoring. It oversees the activities of the committees and develops an information and networking portal. It also facilitates networking and exchange within the monitoring community through a range of events.

Mitarbeitende der Zentrale erarbeiten zusammen eine Roadmap
Mitarbeitende der Zentrale erarbeiten eine Roadmap

Our tasks

The head office of the Centre coordinates the activities of the Centre and pursues the following overriding tasks:

Coordination and networking hub:

  • executive office of the Monitoring Centre
  • central point of contact and communication of the Monitoring Centre

Shaping biodiversity monitoring:

  • supporting the committee work
  • developing a concept for a nationwide biodiversity monitoring in collaboration with the monitoring community
  • supporting data management

Supporting the exchange within the monitoring community:

  • maintenance and expansion of the current website
  • conception and development of an online information and networking portal for biodiversity
  • establishing and organising events such as the "Application and Research in Dialogue" forum series, the monitoring lecture series, and topic-specific conferences and workshops

Our focus areas

Our team members work in various focus areas to realise the mission and tasks of the Monitoring Centre.

  • Nationwide biodiversity monitoring concept
  • Drivers
  • Soil biodiversity
  • Aquatic monitoring
  • Data management
  • Biodiversity atlas
  • Portal development
  • Science communication and public relations
  • Citizen science and species knowledge
  • Secretariat and event management


Michael Pütsch
Deputy Head of National Monitoring Centre for Biodiversity
+49 341 30977-233


Nationales Monitoringzentrum zur Biodiversität am Standort des BfN in Leipzig
+49 341 30977-222
Alte Messe 6, 04103 Leipzig
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