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Bundesamt für Naturschutz

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee sets the overall political and strategic framework for the activities of the Monitoring Centre. Learn about the activities of the Steering Committee.


The broad participation of ministries in the Steering Committee underlines the primary task for society as a whole and the clear mandate of the Monitoring Centre to find solutions for nationwide biodiversity monitoring together. Decisions are made by consensus. Via the Steering Committee, relevant and even controversial issues can be addressed in a targeted manner. It also appoints experts for the Principal Expert Committee.

Objectives and Tasks

  • To establish an overarching political and strategic framework for the activities of the Monitoring Centre
  • To advise and decide on fundamental issues relating to the Monitoring Centre, including strategic, organisational, or policy matters.

Current activities and topics

  • Members of the Principal Expert Committee (GFG) appointed
  • Prioritised tasks for the Monitoring Centre
  • Recommendations to the GFG:
    • Establish expert committees for specific topics (“Monitoring Soil Biodiversity”, “Improving the Availability of Data on Influencing Factors” and “Data Management”)
    • Set pilot programmes for joint federal-state financing (co-financing).


The Steering Committee is cross-departmental, meaning that it comprises representatives from the participating ministries. Given the importance of the federal states for implementing various monitoring activities, they are also represented by several participants. The currently involved ministries and state representations are listed below.

Contact at Monitoring Centre

Dr. Lina Weiß
Contact Steering Committee
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