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European Citizen Science Association ECSA 2024 Conference

Change – current challenges and opportunities for citizen science in a time of rapid social and environmental change
Date, time
03.04.2024 (Wed) 00:00 
06.04.2024 (Sat) 23:59 
European Citizen Science Assiciation (ECSA), University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna, Natural History Museum Vienna (NHMW), Austrian citizen science association
Target group
Citizen scientists, researchers, activists, scientists, political decision-makers, artists
Event language
German, English

The aim of the ECSA conference is to explore different ways of understanding and influencing change through citizen science and participatory research. It will also highlight the potential of citizen science as a change agent in research and society, and as a tool for managing the change happening around us. For the first time, the ECSA Conference is merged with the Austrian Citizen Science Conference to promote exchange between the Austrian and European citizen science communities. This will provide opportunities for networking and building partnerships in the field of citizen science and participatory research.

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