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Bundesamt für Naturschutz


We bring monitoring stakeholders together and provide information. Here you will find selected information on our current forum and events. In the German version of this website you can find our event calendar. There we present an overview of the events organized by the monitoring centre, or in which it actively participates. Additionally, you'll find a selection of events from the network, particularly from the institutions of our committee members. The focus is on events related to biodiversity monitoring.
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Since launching the NMZB on 26 March 2021, the following activities have been implemented:

  • establishment, trainings, induction of the first team members
  • Creation of an "interim website" as a transition to the planned information and networking platform
  • Comprehensive research work on monitoring programmes, biodiversity data, influencing factors etc.
  • Preparation of first profiles on monitoring programmes
  • Participation in EU activities (Biodiversity Partnership, Standards Committees)
  • Support of national activities (LTER-D, NFDI, MonVIA, FeDA etc.)
  • Appointment of the Steering Committee and the Principal Expert Committee, establishment of first expert committees, holding of first meetings

What other activities are planned during the NMZB's establishment phase?

  • The following activities are planned until the end of the establishment phase (2023):
  • Concept development for the information and networking platform as a participatory process
  • Recording the current status and developing an overall concept for nationwide biodiversity monitoring
  • Appointment and implementation of expert panels & workshops on priority topics, such as soil monitoring or data management
  • Organisation and implementation of the "Application and Research in Dialogue" forum


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