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Bundesamt für Naturschutz


The National Monitoring Centre for Biodiversity consists of the head office and several committees with different tasks. It is aimed in particular at stakeholders of biodiversity monitoring from specialist authorities and associations, science, research and citizen science, as well as politics and the public.

Structure of the Monitoring Centre at a glance

The Monitoring Centre consists of the boards and a central office.

Steering Committee

Interdepartmental, represented by relevant federal ministries, state representation

Principal Expert Committee

staffed by appointed experts

Expert Committees

Expert Committee "Monitoring of soil biodiversity and its functions”
Expert Committee “Improving the availability of data on drivers of biodiversity”
Other expert committees are being planned.

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Head Office

Management, central contact point, organisation, supporting of the diverse committee work

Monitoring community, goals and focal points

Monitoring community

The Monitoring Centre addresses the monitoring community from the following areas:
* specialised authorities and politics
* Research and science
* Monitoring stakeholders
* Citizen science
* Committed parties
* Interested public


The main objectives of the Monitoring Centre are:
* Providing information centrally and transparently
* Further developing nationwide biodiversity monitoring
* Connecting stakeholders nationally and internationally
* Advising and empower stakeholders
* Further developing data storage and management

Focal points of work

The focal points of the Monitoring Centre's work in the first years are the establishment of the committees and dialogue processes. The following key measures will be taken:
* Jointly developing an overall concept for nationwide biodiversity monitoring.
* Expanding the website
* Conceptualising a digital information and networking platform
* Initiating the forum "Application and Research in Dialogue

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