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Bundesamt für Naturschutz

Committees – Acting together

The foundation for the work of the National Monitoring Centre for Biodiversity has been laid by the broad institutional as well as professional expertise of its committees.

Overview of the committees

The Monitoring Centre diligently shapes nationwide biodiversity monitoring through its cross-cutting expertise and diverse ways of thinking and acting. The necessary support from various state and federal ministries, as well as specialist circles, is secured because they are widely involved in the Monitoring Centre committees. In addition to the Steering Committee and the Principal Expert Committee, there are theme- and occasion-based expert committees.

  • The Steering Committee sets the overall political and strategic framework for the activities of the Monitoring Centre.
  • The Principal Expert Committee determines the professional tasks of the Monitoring Centre and priorities for implementation.
  • Expert committees are established as needed and may be time-limited, and advise the Monitoring Centre on specific issues. For example, there are expert committees for “Monitoring Soil Biodiversity and Its Functions” and for “Improving the Availability of Data on Influencing Factors.” In addition, an expert committee on “Data Management” is planned.

The Monitoring Centre head office organises and supports various committee work. Details of this work can be found on the individual committee pages.

The members of the steering committee and the principal expert committee will meet for the first joint meeting on 12.12.2023 in Leipzig.
First joint meeting of the members of the steering committee and the principal expert committee on 12.12.2023 in Leipzig.
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