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Bundesamt für Naturschutz

National Monitoring Centre for Biodiversity

The National Monitoring Centre brings together players from research and practice to further develop and establish nationwide biodiversity monitoring in the long term. We provide comprehensive information on biodiversity monitoring.

National Monitoring Centre for Biodiversity

Nature in Germany is wonderfully diverse. Accordingly, the range of its surveys, the stakeholders involved and the terminology being used is vast.

The National Monitoring Centre on Biodiversity would like to provide you with comprehensive information on all these aspects, activities and players. With the first phase of this website, we offer you an overview of information on biodiversity monitoring and highlight selected existing programmes, surveys and research initiatives. Furthermore, we introduce you to the Monitoring Centre and its committees, which combine extensive expertise and the broad support of all stakeholder groups.

This website is constantly being expanded and developed into a comprehensive information and networking platform.

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Here you will find an overview of which events the Monitoring Centre organises and in which it is actively involved.

Federal Agency for Nature Conservation

The headquarters of the National Monitoring Centre for Biodiversity is located at the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation in Leipzig.
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