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ESA Symposium on Earth observation for soil protection and restoration

Monitor and service soil restoration requirements using Earth observation means and technologies
Datum, Uhrzeit
06.03.2024 (Mi.) 09:00 Uhr
07.03.2024 (Do.) 17:30 Uhr
Frascati (Italy)
European Space Agency (ESA)
Members of the broad soil-stakeholder community

The ESA Symposium on Earth observation for soil protection and restoration rediscovers soils from many points of view: biochemical, ecological, technical, analytical, social, political and economic. It aims to:

  • To frame the applicability of Earth observation technologies for soil protection and restoration requirements targeted by international and EU related policies, including monitoring, reporting and verification.
  • To present and evaluate the WORLDSOILS Soil Organic Carbon Monitoring System for SOC prediction over bare and permanently covered soils, and the lessons learnt from validation case studies.
  • To gather identify requirements for the development of EO-based soil monitoring systems and options for sustainable operations and business models.
  • To explore opportunities for a downstream service to support national and European agencies in reporting on soil health/quality and thus contributing to the Land Degradation Monitoring and reporting on Sustainable Development Goal 15.3.1.
  • To demonstrate the capacity of satellite remote sensing, alone or in combination, to monitor, validate, report or verify other specific soil components.
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